Hi Guys,

Well, as you may have heard this month we will be turning off the hot plates at ESP. This really wasn’t a small decision or something that the team and I took lightly. 

At the end of the day though, this was a restaurant with my name on the door that I’m not in every night, which hurts me. I’ll be completely honest, if I was ten years younger and it was me standing in the kitchen with three or four staff there everyday – it would probably be a different scenario. Come 2019, we’ll just knock out the wall in-between ESP and Estelle Bistro and have one beautiful new Estelle. But until then the venue is still available to be used for events. 

With our last service on Saturday August 18th, I would love you to visit me, Steve and the rest of the team before we close.

Thanks for the support everyone – it’s been a wonderful three years.